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Custom Massage Services

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Here at Butterfly Effect Spa, we realize that no body is alike and no muscle group within your body is alike. Your shoulders may want deep work, while your calves prefer a light touch. Also, no day of your week is the same. After a workout you may want a sports massage and a bit of deep tissue work; while after a long work week, you may require a relaxing touch, some essential oils and a bit of guided meditation. Some days you may need a bit of everything. Our massage therapist will tailor your massage session individually for maximum therapeutic effect, based on your muscles and mood at the time of your massage.

Custom Massage

Integrative Massage

55 min…$125
70 min…$150
85 min…$175

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Mini-massage with Manual Lymphatic Drainage…$125

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Add On… $25or specific areas of focus (post face-lift, post surgery).

We require Doc’s approval for this add on

Pregnancy Massage

No massages prior to 2nd trimester. Must have Primary Care Provider’s approval.

50 min…$130