Siddha Detox Wrap

Traditionally reserved for royalty and the wealthy of Southern India, this rejuvenating treatment is available to you at Butterfly Effects Day Spa. It’s designed to drain your lymphatic system and detoxify your body.

First, your entire body is dry-brushed to stimulate lymphatic drainage and remove dull surface skin cells. Then, pouches filled with specialized herbs and drenched in sandalwood-infused oil are gently massaged across your body.

Your experience concludes with a head massage and acupressure points around the eyes to remove energy blockages and relax the mind. Stimulates your lymphatic system, strengthens your immune system, and cleanses your bloodstream. The process also deeply relaxes the mind and calms the nervous system, providing a deep sense of well-being. Ideal for those with muscle or joint pain, such as rheumatism or arthritis.